Using raw materials such as jenipapo (m'rôti) and a specific type of charcoal (bàriprã), women are the owners of painting techniques, since when they become mothers, they paint the bodies of their husbands and children almost everyday.


The graphics, made on bodies or on screens, are called 'ôk. Even when painting the traditional kapran 'ôk(the painting of jabuti) there is a new element, especially in the variation of forms and lines, reinventing elements oftheir cosmology. Thus, each screen reflects at the same time a collective knowledge and creativity individual from who produced it.

Born in Rio de Janeiro in the 50's and created by young people, Bossa Nova translated in a simple and creative way all the beauty and charm of the Carioca soul. It showed the world an original and 100% Brazilian product.

Inspired by history and focused on urban mobility, we have developed a practical, comfortable and at the same time funky product that represents the culture and style of those who enjoy the Marvelous City: the bossapack .

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