Today, Castello Sales, provider of brand acceleration solutions, announced it has secured exclusive licensing rights to proprietary technology that uses a magnetic connection for powering and transferring data over all formats of USB, including Type-C, to mobile as well as desktop devices.

“This is another exciting development for Castello Sales,” said Troy Devens, president and founder of Castello Sales. “We’ve invested considerable resources in expanding our portfolio and entering into licensing. The patented magnetic quick connect technology, known as Plugies, offers us an excellent launching point.”

“I’ve worked with Troy Devens and his team previously, and as the demand accelerated for USB Type-C connectivity, I knew Castello was the perfect firm to partner with to grow our sales,” said Daniel Daoura, owner of Plugies and the technology.

Former Belkin executive David White will lead licensing efforts for Castello. "White's background in the consumer cable category coupled with his licensing experience makes him an ideal fit for Castello," said Devens.

White oversaw Belkin's cable business at Walmart from 2005 to 2009. Following that, he led licensing deals with brands like Disney, Miramax and Sony.

“Our plan is to license the technology, versus bringing products to market ourselves,” said White. “We’d like to license the technology to top cable brands because they already have the retail footprint. Our goal is to work with brands which are a great fit for Daoura, as well as brands who can benefit the most from what he’s created. Beyond the top consumer brands who sell their cables to retailers like Best Buy and Target, we expect companies like Apple, Samsung and Google to also be interested in this technology, as it has consumer, commercial and enterprise value.”

When asked about selling the technology, Devens said, “While no offer is off the table, barring something too good to refuse, our plan is to license for now.”

CNET calls USB-C technology the future, with flagship brands taking the lead on its adoption. “As the parts become cheaper over time, look for the midrange and entry-level handsets to start adopting Type-C, too.”

About Castello Sales 
Castello Sales, LLC is based in Minneapolis and focused on sales operations and marketing. Comprised of former retailer executives and chief executive officers, Castello was founded by former Target executive Troy Devens in 2016. Castello offers their partners a host of brand acceleration solutions for big box retail. Castello focuses mainly on consumer electronics, sporting goods, toys, food, health and wellness.


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